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Haunted Graveyards Of The Ozarks Info:

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ISBN Listings:

Haunted Graveyards Of The Ozarks

Publisher: History Press

ISBN: 978.1.60949.984.6


Interview Information

Radio Interviews

1. David does not place long-distance calls to be interviewed; the interviewer must place the call.

2. Please give David your station’s “listen live” link when you set up the interview.

3. Approximately 1-2 days before the interview, you will receive a contact phone number for David on

the day or night of the interview.

4. If you need a picture or other information to advertise the interview, please e-mail David directly at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. Cancellations are unfortunate and usually unavoidable. If you must cancel the interview, please

provide as much notice as possible. David will do the same if he must cancel.

6. If your show makes podcasts, please give David a link to the show’s podcast page. He maintains a

public collection of links to all his radio interviews.

Television Interviews

1. Television interviews are given to Ozarks-area television stations only. Interviews are given to

other stations only when David is in town for lecture or signing events, time permitting.

2. Please provide clear, specific driving directions to the station/studio.

General Information

1. David will not discuss his personal information (family, age, employer, address, etc.) during


2. David’s targeted audience are genuine fans of  history, ghost stories and the paranormal. Interviews

are given in a positive, informative, and often entertaining way. David does not participate in

arguments, debates, or similar drama.

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Personal Appearances in General

•1. Arrangement and Coordination: As much notice as possible should be given before an event. All preevent

discussions and coordination between the sponsoring organization and David is done through


2. Fees: David E. Harkins does not charge an honorarium (speaker's fee). Donations, if offered, will be accepted

and put to good use; however, a donation is not required.

3. Expense Reimbursement: If an engagement is more than 50 miles from Springfield, Missouri, the

sponsoring organization is required to cover Mr. Harkins's gasoline expense to and from the engagement.

Gasoline reimbursement, in full, is due immediately following the engagement (I.O.U.’s, are not accepted).

If the engagement is more than 149 miles from Springfield, Missouri, the sponsoring organization is

required to cover both gasoline and lodging expenses. Hotel reservations should be made by the

sponsoring organization prior to the event. Contact David for room particulars. The sponsoring organization

should pay the hotel directly.

4. Exact driving directions to the venue and hotel (if applicable) must be provided to David at least 24 hours

prior to the engagement.


Book Signings

•The sponsoring organization agrees to set up a table and chair for the event.

•David retains all proceeds from his book signings unless an agreement is made to the contrary, prior

to the event.


Lectures may be one or two hours in length. This is to be decided by the sponsoring organization.

•The sponsoring organization is required to provide a podium, lectern, or other suitable speaking platform.

A sound system and/or a computer-enabled overhead projector may be necessary for some lecture events.

If such accommodations are necessary, David will consult with the sponsoring organization in advance of the



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